News for June 6, 2018

@kay_em_sea @leemilesmusic @shwaynesworld and one glorious wedding weekend in the Ville

News for June 6, 2018

My magical backyard in st. Louis. (at St. Louis)

News for May 5, 2018


News for May 5, 2018

Lightning underscores my last night with my friends from Vera Cruz. The jokes, lessons and revelations we shared through hot, sweaty hoeing and cold, windy planting subtly coalesced into a bond I’ll never forget. Intimate stints seem to be a theme of my life. And my palate has quite taken to that sweet sorrow of inevitable endings. (at Wray, Colorado)

News for May 5, 2018

#midterms @cortvo #bluewave

News for May 5, 2018

#california #mood

News for April 4, 2018

St. Louis, mo. Known for its gateway to the West, frozen custard, and camels. Native to the region, camels are the official animal of Missouri. Having carried early Pioneers across the plains in the pursuit of their manifest destiny, camels played a major role in the expansion of our great nation.

News for April 4, 2018

Students demand action rally at atty general Hawley’s office with Cort VanOstran campaign @cortvo. Takes me back to the Days of adolescent enthusiasm, falling in love amidst vociferous protest to concepts barely understood. Today revealed a muted quality to ageing.

News for April 4, 2018

Thanks @popobeatz @dbledsoe314 for showing me a sense o familiarity and camaraderie as I navigate strange new waters in the show me state. Happy bday po!!! (at St. Louis)

News for March 3, 2018

@benoakesmusic and i, at it again. After decades of friendship and collaborating, it’s so cool to see where we’ve come. Proud o you Benjamin. Peep the whole video!!


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